Apartment List Blog

Since it's creation in early 2011, I was the individual behind the Apartment List Blog. It was my responsibility to conceive blog categories, topics, and posts, while striving to meet the needs of our three audiences: potential recruits & Silicon Valley elite, the Multifamily Housing industry, and apartment hunters & dwellers.

City Guides

City Guides & Neighborhood Descriptions

When I first fell into the role of content at Apartment List, I was tasked with recruiting, hiring, and managing a team of freelance writers. It was a wonderful opportunity and I met a lot of very interesting people. Together we worked to create City Guides for our top 1000 cities.



Design Work


Between some skills learned in a 4 day Photoshop course in early 2012, things remembered from high school yearbook, and just enough YouTube videos - I consider myself a pretty proficient Photoshopper. I won't be mocking up entire websites any time soon, but I've got a great eye, an aptitude for the tools, and a passion for design.  For more of my personal work, feel free to check out my blog

Just a sample of my work. To see more or discuss possible opportunities >>